You hear the term 'UX' almost daily. What is it exactly? 
It is often said in my field that function follows human needs, and form follows human behavior. My job is to apprehend all the stages of the buyer’s journey and follow by crafting rich wireframes, prototypes, and mockups effective at leading audiences from awareness to advocacy.
User experience defines how your target audience uses your website or app and if it enables them to do what they need to do without confusion. It's about conducting user research, creating rich wireframes and prototypes, conducting usability tests, etc. UX design focuses on making the product easy to use and providing users with the best experience possible, and most of the times perfect experiences require testing, deploying, and debugging.
Skilled at managing sites both custom and in CMS, writing clean code in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and optimizing your site for speed and search engine optimization.
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