Social Media GIF ads for United Illuminating, a major utility company providing service to over 340,000 customers in Connecticut. 

Designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects. GIFs deliver your brand's message within seconds and are profoundly engaging.

A few things happen before jumping over to Adobe After Effects: I take all my client's requirements and feedback and work out a few iterations before proceeding to designing a deck in Adobe InDesign to depict the sequence of screens in the animation. Incidentally, I give my client the option of using static imagery for a social media carousel if desired.

I've had the pleasure of working with highly reputable companies in the utilities, financial services and healthcare sectors, and child day care services industry to name a few; all innovators with unique USPs and value propositions.
What does my design process look like? Typically, I work in fast-paced, agile environments where copywriters, project and account managers, stakeholders, and other designers huddle together for a kick-off meeting to discuss our clients' requirements and brainstorm about the best possible way(s) forward. Some clients have tight deadlines and want to see high-fidelity iterations within 48 hrs. Luckily, after ten years designing things it's relatively easy for me to deliver around tight schedules and keep client's highly satisfied.
Whether it be photo ads, video ads, stories or reel ads, or even messenger ads in social media, long gone are the days of restrictive advertising mediums. My all-time favorite is designing meaningful ads that captivate people's attention and interest, as they feel a strong desire and urge to click through to the product or service page to buy.
Are you a publisher looking for GoogleAdSense display and retargeting ads? Email marketing campaign ads or even out of home ads like a billboard? Perhaps you're looking for a Google Banner ad like a leaderboard or half-page ad. With over ten years in the digital design ecosystem, I'm here to help you achieve your goals on your next project.
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