I start designing with a vision in mind: the user and their journey to conversion. 
At Hilton Grand Vacations, I leverage the immense functionality available with HTML5, which basically creates the structure of your website in a DOM-like structure.
Moreover, I re-enforce the messaging and clarity of the coded content with schema markup in JSON-LD. Surely that's a lot of jargon! So what's the value in that? The result is the sound foundation of your website, optimized for performance, crawlability, and indexability. Paired with other client-side technologies such as CSS and JavaScript, I 'color' the site and make it fully functional so that all user demands and expectations are met.
Responsiveness and compatibility testing.
Responsiveness and compatibility testing.
Today’s user expects a lot out of your website; it has to load in under two seconds globally, expose the desired service, and be compatible to view on a myriad of platforms and devices, from a desktop computer to a newly released tablet or the latest iPhone.​​​​​​​
I make sure the demographic get just that — unforgettable and consistent experiences.
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