Hardly anything has such a tremendous impact as a logo. We tend to label absolutely everything in society, thus first impressions make or break.
A well-designed logo helps the business radiate a sense of trust and professionalism, and people even infer, without any prior knowledge or experience with your business, what you do and how you can benefit their lives. Interesting huh?
The Rounded by Mefa logos are a set of logos highly praised by the managers at Mefa, an education financing authority in Massachusetts offering low-cost college financing to families of aspiring college students. They created an app for the App Store for students to have every dollar they spend in college count toward paying off their student loans. Pretty cool if you ask me. They needed some finalized logos, so I designed the versatile combination mark so that they could use the pictorial/abstract mark in the App Store. As you can see the palette is a play of vibrant and energizing colors for the younger demographic, mixed with neutral tones to maintain the earnestness of the brand. They were a hit!
I have delivered dozens of logos throughout my career, ranging from lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, abstract marks and mascot logos, combination marks and emblem logos and so on. Clients span a multitude of industries, so I feel at home in full service or onsite agencies producing inspiring designs that pique the client's interest.
Software of choice: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch.
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